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Enhancing, enriching and empowering our customers and clients everywhere.


What do Employees really want?

Thank you for visiting the website of KGM Temporary Staffing & Training, Inc., also known as KGM Staffing.

At KGM Staffing, we pride ourselves on providing qualified candidates to our client companies on a short or long-term basis; either to fill in for absent employees or to supplement existing staff during particularly busy times.

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What do Employers get in return?

If you are an employer with an immediate or future need, please take a moment to complete our Employer Staffing Form, and we will get busy working to fill your request.

If you are interested in registering for work with KGM Staffing, please take a moment to complete our Potential Employee Form.

Again, thank you for visiting KGM Staffing!

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Temporary Staffing Consulting


Another option is, if you have an employee in mind for a position, KGM Staffing can payroll that employee.

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Core Values

KGM takes the following Core Values seriously, and employ these values in our recruiting efforts: Accountability; Adaptability;
Availability; Dependability

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Employee Relations

If there is a need for a staff member for KGM Staffing to come onsite to counsel, we are available to do so.

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KGM provides its customers and clients with electronic timesheets and other documents which are kept on our website’s Library of Documents for easy access.

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Client Advantages

Business is Picking Up Again.

Temporary work in the administrative field is booming. Today's temp-2-perm workers are skilled individuals who can fill in for absent employees or provide specialized expertise that's not available in-house. More professionals are recognizing the advantages of this career option, including the opportunity to work in diverse environments, build new skills and take advantage of the flexible nature of working temporary.

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“Team Work Makes The Dream Work”

Client customers call us today to set up a time for KGM Staffing to
meet with your organization’s key contacts.
KGM can meet your organization’s staffing needs today!

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    Give KGM Staffing the opportunity to fill your short-term, long-term or
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    Kim Graves-Rivers, President & CEO

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    “ I have had the pleasure of working with Kim Graves with one of our
    contracts that we held with a mutual company. ”

    Tiffany Thompson

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    “ I have enjoyed working for KGM Staffing periodically as a temp on assignments. ”

    Katrina Blake